Luther Hall: Angry Kat in: Zombie Protocol at the Tenth Street Gallery

Written by Jason Altobelli on March 15, 2014

Luther Hall’s current exhibition, “Angry Kat in: Zombie Protocol” located within the In Tandem Theatre’s building at the Tenth Street Gallery is a cohesive journey into the mind of the artist.

This exhibition which combines original paintings, vibrant prints, and detailed hand designed illustrations addresses through a satirical viewpoint the artist’s interpretation of the current state of humanity in the digital age and discusses the overall concerns of how we interpret and view violence in the media; video games, television and

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2012/13 MARNmentors Exhibition

Written by Jason Altobelli on July 9, 2013
A Cautionary Tale. 10 by 26". Photographs. 2013.

MARN is pleased to present the 2012/13 MARNmentors Exhibition from July 12 – July 30, 2013 in the Vanguard Sculpture Services gallery, located at 3374 West Hopkins Street in Milwaukee, WI. MARNmentors was developed in 2005 to strengthen the network of support for artists, provide in-depth professional resources and to contribute to the health of Wisconsin’s arts community. MARN acts as a liaison between established working artists with a desire to pass on their knowledge and professional experience to emerging artists who are selected

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A Few Thoughts on a Brilliant Mind. Part I

Written by Jason Altobelli on April 9, 2013
We'll Keep Looking. 24 by 60". Acrylic on Paper. 2013

(*The following are excerpts and reactions to a Marcel Duchamp interview which took place in the issue of The Art Newspaper No. 27, April 1993 conducted by Jean Antoine) I want to start off by saying that I believe Marcel Duchamp to be one of the most influential and intelligent artist of our time. With that said let’s start the discussion..

“JA: When you gave up painting, did you believe that painting was dead?

MD: No. First, you know, I haven’t given

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In Defense of Abstraction

Written by Jason Altobelli on April 8, 2013
The Golden Age. 24 by 36".Acrylic on Paper. 2012.

In recent discussions I have found that people are passionate about abstract art; they either love or hate it.  There seems to be no middle ground, no gray area, no discourse or revolutionary piece that turns a non-believer into a convert.  It is either black or white, take it or leave it.  For me, this mode of thinking is a hard pill to swallow.

Growing up my earliest lessons in art was either figure based, still lives or landscapes.  So when

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A Piece of the Puzzle: Artist Statements

Written by Jason Altobelli on April 4, 2013
Jason Altobelli - Logo

I had a discussion today about artist statements and the fact that artist often feel that their work should speak for itself and that writing statements is academic and not worth the time.

I both agree and disagree with this opinion.

I think being able to write and speak about your artwork is an art in itself. As an artist who has struggled with writing statements and discussing my artwork outside of critique environments I have to say that getting over oneself

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Even when it’s cold outside – recent art news

Written by Jason Altobelli on February 2, 2013
MC4-Missed Connection Collection

As I am working on a new posting I wanted to share a few recent art articles and interesting links I’ve come across.  Enjoy these tid bits and check back for a new post soon.

Take care and stay warm.

The Earth is “constantly crashing through huge walls of dark matter,” New Scientist explains, “and we already have the tools to detect them.”
This dark architecture in space consists of so-called “domain walls” that are like the boundaries between

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Levitas/Gravitas at the Milwaukee Artists Resource Network Gallery

Written by Jason Altobelli on July 11, 2012
Allison Welch- Levitas/Gravitas

With the freedom to select artists whose work revolves around an idea and approach to their medium rather than focusing on the medium itself gave current MARN curator Maggie Sasso’s final exhibition; Levitas/Gravitas a feeling of ease and cohesiveness.

Bringing together a unique and diverse group of two and three dimensional artists; Tiffany Knopow, Kevin Andrew Kraus, Ana Hanso-Ogren, and Allison Welch, whom all presented their distinct artworks with a sense of lightness and precision seemed effortless.

Tiffany Knopow – Levitas/Gravitas


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Dynamic and Organic: The Tatalovich Collection at the Haggerty Museum of Art

Written by Jason Altobelli on June 27, 2012
Richard-Serra- Bo Diddley, 1999

Currently at the Marquette Haggerty Museum of Art is a dynamic and organic exhibition which fuses a subtle and powerful grouping of works on paper from the Mary and Michael J. Tatalovich Collection.


Compelling in scope and breadth, this exhibition highlights many influential post World War II artists including heavy hitters Richard Serra and Robert Rauschenberg along with captivating works by Jennifer Bartlett and James Siena.


Immediately drawn into and across the opening room by the salon style arrangement of works on

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Shannon Molter Interview: Origin Story at the 10th Street Gallery

Written by Jason Altobelli on May 21, 2012
Introduction-The-Landscape-Shannon Molter 2012

**The following interview was conducted via email with artist Shannon Molter regarding her current exhibition – Origin Story at the Tenth Street Gallery**

JA:       How important do you feel the narrative is in contemporary society?

SLM:   Narrative is exceptionally important in contemporary society.  It is easily seen throughout our world and is deeply ingrained within our minds, constantly being considered and being put into practice.  For example we all have a personal story.  It includes the setting in which we grew up,

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Origin Story: Shannon Molter at the Tenth Street Gallery

Written by Jason Altobelli on May 21, 2012

The legacy of what we leave behind; the art and objects, books and images, the textiles and vocal tales we share all tell the story of who we are as individuals and as a culture.  These elements shine a light on where we have been, highlighting what we have seen and experienced firsthand, and illuminating who we are and the time in which we existed. These stories as artist Shannon Molter illustrates in her exhibition Origin Story at the Tenth

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