Art Thoughts

Guildess Milwaukee and 10th Street Gallery present, “Who does she think she is?”

As the cool crisp night air swirled outside a small group of patrons gathered inside the cozy venue at the 10th Street Gallery/ InTandem Theatre to view, “Who Does She Think She Is?” a film sponsored by the local Guildess organization.

The hour long film illuminated the lives of 5 woman artists from different backgrounds who utilize the various mediums of sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, and performance art to illustrate their passion to succeed and discussed the challenges facing them as contemporary woman artists.

Following the film there was an intimate and laughter filled panel discussion with two local artists, Kari Garon (whose work is currently on display in the Gallery) and Susan Buss who presented the perfect complement to the film as they talked about the balance between motherhood, life, and keeping a structured creative process each day.

The video was well produced, flowing seamlessly to highlight the struggles the artists had in breaking down the old stereotypes and social norms surrounding women and their role in society as strictly a homemaker. It also focused on the injustice facing women artists everywhere, as major museums and institutions world-wide have generally ignored their contribution to the contemporary art conversation, rarely showing their artwork. In spite of these, there were other obstacles, but the artists persevered and unified to become a collective of strong and gifted individuals determined to overcome any obstacles. The film was brilliant, and it reminded me of how important the influence of great woman have been over the years to the art community.

They say that: “behind ever successful man is a great woman.” I think it’s time we defy this mentality and strive to empower, and to support the woman in our lives that are making a difference in the world. These talented women are like muses, as they possess the drive, desire, and dedication to change the world socially and consciously. Their passion will ceaselessly inspire generations of artists and community activists.

The next film in the film series, “About Women, By Women,”  Maya Deren: Experimental Films will be showing June 12th at 7pm at the 10th Street Gallery.