Art Thoughts

The Idea Behind Looking

Sitting at a stoplight you notice a woman’s hair blowing in the wind.  In your kitchen you perceive the sun filtering through the window developing a delicate pattern on the floor. The way certain words or phrases in that book you’re reading pop out from the page at you.

What do all of these visions have in common?

They are all awareness and recognition of a moment while it is occurring. Being in the present, that is the idea behind looking.

We as a society have been programmed in today’s digital age to fill every minute of the day with the goal and purpose of gathering and passing along information. That being said, the question I want to pose is; why are there so many moments during the course of a day that we let pass by?

If we can shift our perception and way of looking at the world, to recognize beauty, love, opportunity, the caring and sharing between two strangers when we see it, I believe we can change the world one instant at a time.

I encourage you the reader to take a deep breath during the day today and allow your mind to relax, to re-focus, and let’s make sure to be conscious of the small moments that make the big ones majestic.

The Heart of the Fire